Marks will matter in the workforce

Marks will matter in the workforce

As students across the state prepare to take their HSC, employers are preparing to recruit for 2019.

Students have been taking the HSC for over 50 years, meaning much of the current workforce has completed their Higher School Certificate. HSC results form the basis for many employers when considering new employees.

Maths and English remain the most important results employer’s looks at but technology and engineering units are a close second, particularly for businesses in IT and manufacturing. For many student the HSC won’t be the final exam they take either. It is common for employers and recruitment agencies ask candidates to take aptitude testing to assess their skills in work related sectors.

Nick Couper, general manager for HunterNet Group Training, says all candidates they interview are expected to complete aptitude testing regardless of what position their applying for.

“We ask all potential employees to take a short assessment of skills they’re going to need in the workplace,” Mr Couper said. “You can’t be an electrician if you don’t have excellent math skills, you can’t work in a business environment without basic comprehension skills.”

Mr Couper also advised students not to assume future employers won’t look at their HSC results.

“There’s a myth that your HSC scores don’t matter if you’re going to do a trade or go to TAFE, that’s not true at all. If your HSC is the highest level of education you have, you bet employers are going to ask to see your transcript.”

Mr Couper encouraged students to give it their “best go” during the HSC: “A bad HSC score is not the end of the world but isn’t is easier to get it right the first time?”

Setting goals

Making and getting the most out of study is important and it’s important to set goals. Students should ask themselves what they really hope to achieve.

Having a reason to stay motivated will make studying more purposeful.

Once students have formed their own personal idea of success, they should make it very specific. Know what marks you need, what university you would like to attend and what degree you would like to study.

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